NAIA Securing Funds

Securing Financing and the “Right” Plan for your Company

North American Investment Alliance LLC.’s mission is to work in partnership with your company to develop a financial plan which insures securing a financing in a timely and cost effective manner NAIA is there to guide your company to position themselves in the financial market place so their  vision and growth plans succeed in order to reach their financial goal.

NAIA LLC. begins by developing a thorough understanding of the client strengths and weaknesses and compare to their industry.

NAIA LLC. explore the company’s operational and management capabilities.

NAIA LLC. assists the company in developing,  writing and executing a well thought out business plan.

NAIA LLC. may, on request, perform as the company’s off premises CFO advising in such areas as the allocation of the company’s assets and resources.

NAIA LLC. if requested may explore avenues of change to achieve continued growth of management.

NAIA LLC. produces an analysis of the client’s capital requirements based upon the company’s  desired growth plans.

NAIA LLC. will also assist in developing a plan to go public and secure financing in a cost effective manner.

NAIA LLC. will offer flexible options for assisting a company in becoming public including traditional underwritings (IPO) or a public shell spin-off through a Flex Financial Transaction (an affiliated company).

NAIA LLC. meets with management on a open basis to coordinate the company’s financial plan in relation to its operating plan.

NAIA LLC. creates schedules and goals for all meetings and telephone conferences.

NAIA LLC. will communicate with the company appointed contact weekly on what directed task has been accomplished.

Our goal at NAIA is to help your company decide if going public is right for the market.  We are committed from first meeting through the  close.

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